Search Process

Our experience indicates that the prospect of a successful hire is significantly enhanced when we collaborate with our clients in a well thought out and carefully defined process of search execution.



Position Description, Research & Recruitment

In collaboration with our client, Kelly & Company prepares a position description to serve as the roadmap for the search.

A target list of candidate sources is prepared and research and recruitment begins.



Recruitment & Assessment

Potential candidates are screened by telephone and appropriate candidates are interviewed in person to assess their suitability.

Once we identify an appropriate candidate, we prepare a profile that provides in-depth information as to the candidate’s circumstances and experience.

Research and recruiting continues to identify additional candidates.

Search progress is discussed with our client on a weekly basis.



Initial Search Meetings

We present our initial candidates along with pertinent market data uncovered during the course of our research and recruiting. We then begin scheduling client/candidate interviews.

Research, recruiting, and assessment to identify additional appropriate candidates continues.



Client Interviews & Follow Up

Client/candidate interviews are scheduled, feedback is collected and communicated, issues are discussed and resolved, and appropriate and interested candidates are advanced to the next round.

Research, recruiting, and assessment to identify additional appropriate candidates continues.



Client Interviews, referencing, structuring the offer & closing

As the focus narrows to one or two individuals, Kelly & Company performs the final stages of due diligence. In addition to the confirmation of information regarding current employment and compensation, we perform extensive reference checks and present our findings in writing.

Throughout the process, we are in constant contact with the candidates to ensure their continued interest in the opportunity and to identify and resolve any concerns that they may have.

We assist in structuring the offer and closing the hire.

We closely monitor the selected candidate’s resignation and transition to our client.